How to Kill Civilized Society in Two Easy Steps

How to Kill Civilized Society in Two Easy Steps: Give everyone in society free and total access to say anything they want about anyone else without any possible chance of repercussion. Make it an App. As I'm sure man of you have heard by now, a new App called Peeple will be released November, and you should be worried … Continue reading How to Kill Civilized Society in Two Easy Steps

The Age of the Cord-Cutters

The Cable Companies are scrambling. They are losing subscribers for the first time since they started doing business, and they are losing them fast. In the third quarter of 2014 alone, 150,000 subscribes canceled their subscriptions and didn't move to a different company. Instead, they went the cord-cutting route of Netflix, Hulu Plus, and other online services. … Continue reading The Age of the Cord-Cutters