26 Lessons in 26 Days: What Europe Taught Me About Traveling

Twenty six days is a long time to travel. I didn't realize how long it really was when I bought my airline tickets. I just remembered that my last Europe trip, which had only been about 13 days, left me wishing I could stay longer, so this time I did. It was an unforgettable experience, … Continue reading 26 Lessons in 26 Days: What Europe Taught Me About Traveling

Coming Home – Europe Day 26

  We woke up at 6 AM. Our bags were mostly packed, so we just had to finish stuffing our final things away before we headed out the door. Our wonderful host was waiting for us in the driveway and she shuttled us off to the airport for our 7:55 flight from Split, Croatia to Munich. … Continue reading Coming Home – Europe Day 26

The Last Day – Europe Day 25

Waking up today was very strange. Realizing that it was the very last day of this 3 ½ week long adventure was bittersweet. It seems like just a short time ago that we had decided to go on this trip and we were reading Rick Steve's books religiously and trying to plan all the things … Continue reading The Last Day – Europe Day 25

Winding Down – Europe Day 24

Today, as I packed up to leave Stari Grad, it hit me that tomorrow night we are going to be packing up for good. It was a pretty sad thought, but honestly a bit relieving that we won't have to worry about where we are going or what we will do.  So we returned the … Continue reading Winding Down – Europe Day 24

Stari Grad – Europe Day 23

I said yesterday that the last 4 or 5 days of our trip are going to be all about relaxing and doing whatever we feel like, and that is exactly what today was.  We both woke up relatively early, having gone to bed pretty early because of our lack of sleep on the ferry boat … Continue reading Stari Grad – Europe Day 23

Changing The Plan – Europe Day 22

There isn't much to say about my nights sleep aboard the ferry other than that it was sporadic and shallow. Although, as predcted, I got a better night than Sam, who basically only dozed for a couple hours and then wandered the halls of the ferry like a poltergeist.    The ferry arrived in Split, Croatia … Continue reading Changing The Plan – Europe Day 22