The Truth about #MeToo, Rape Culture, and Porn

You may or may not have heard, but women lately are tired of being sexually harassed. Ok, this is a bad time for sarcasm, let me start over. Obviously, women don't want to be sexually harassed. But, luckily, the world has finally gotten to a place where rape culture is something we can talk about, … Continue reading The Truth about #MeToo, Rape Culture, and Porn

Jerusalem – Week 6 & 7

Wow where to start? So much has happened since my last post! Since returning from Jordan, we have been kept very busy with both school work and great sights (hence the lack of a post last week). We have walked through Hezekiah's tunnel (an amazing feat of engineering from 700 BC that took water from the Gihon … Continue reading Jerusalem – Week 6 & 7

Jerusalem – Weeks 3-4

I really thought that I would have more time to update my blog here! I expected that without the time-sucking vampire of Netflix, and without being allowed to leave the Jerusalem Center after dark, I would have free time galore. Turns out just the opposite is true, because half the fun of living in Jerusalem … Continue reading Jerusalem – Weeks 3-4