One Secret for Instantly Better Relationships

Hate is a big problem. From wars to hate-crimes to bullying to self-loathing, it's everywhere. And the biggest problem is that people seem to hate for absolutely no good reason. Or, at least, for a reason that seemed valid when the hatred started, but makes absolutely no sense anymore. Hate, anger, and grudges take up … Continue reading One Secret for Instantly Better Relationships

Ultimate Café Rio Hack

How to get a Cafe Rio quesadilla with twice the meat for a third the cost!!!

The Ultimate Oreo Dunking Technique

Ok guys, here is a not-so-secret technique that has forever changed the way I consume my favorite food: Oreos. Mint Oreos, to be exact. Obviously there is nothing that compares to the deliciousness of when a Mint Oreo has been dunked in milk and reaches the perfect blend of soft yet crunchy. But there are … Continue reading The Ultimate Oreo Dunking Technique