Past the Parking Lot

A few weeks ago I moved into a new apartment. As I moved my belongings into my room I opened the blinds to let the sunlight through the window.  Right off the bat I was a bit disappointed with what I saw. My last apartment had a window facing lots of greenery, and I could … Continue reading Past the Parking Lot

3 Steps to Being Happy When Life Sucks

How ironic that exactly one week after I posted "Why Bad Things Happen to Good People", a very "bad thing" happened to me. I won't go into detail about what happened, other than to say that at the time, it seemed like the end of my world. So this past week has been filled with lots of soul … Continue reading 3 Steps to Being Happy When Life Sucks

Hating Mondays is Ruining Your Life

Tomorrow is Monday, which, by far, is the least popular day of the week. In fact, according to a recent survey, when asked which day of the week they hated, Monday received 3 times more hate than any other day. The average person spends 12 minutes of their Monday moaning about the fact that it's Monday, 50% … Continue reading Hating Mondays is Ruining Your Life