FunDay Sunday #2 – Top 5 Easy Pranks

Welcome to the second installment of FunDay Sunday, my weekly post to help you laugh off the end of the weekend and start your Monday with a smile. Last week I shared some of the craziest baby names I've ever heard. This week... pranks!!! April is just a few weeks away, which means that all … Continue reading FunDay Sunday #2 – Top 5 Easy Pranks

The Ultimate Oreo Dunking Technique

Ok guys, here is a not-so-secret technique that has forever changed the way I consume my favorite food: Oreos. Mint Oreos, to be exact. Obviously there is nothing that compares to the deliciousness of when a Mint Oreo has been dunked in milk and reaches the perfect blend of soft yet crunchy. But there are … Continue reading The Ultimate Oreo Dunking Technique