“…beyond Jordan” Jerusalem Week 5

From Monday through Thursday of last week our "JeruCrew" got to take an amazing field trip into Jordan! The trip was filled with so many amazing sights and new things I learned that I really needed to do one single post about Jordan. We left the Jerusalem Center on Monday morning at 7, and reached … Continue reading “…beyond Jordan” Jerusalem Week 5

Top 3 Friendship Ruining Games

It isn't a secret that some board games seemed intentionally designed to ruin friendships. And through all of the various games I've played, some vicious, some benign, I've come across this one unchanging fact: the level to which friendships are ruined is directly proportionate to the amount of time spent playing. Think I'm wrong? I've … Continue reading Top 3 Friendship Ruining Games

3 Steps to Being Happy When Life Sucks

How ironic that exactly one week after I posted "Why Bad Things Happen to Good People", a very "bad thing" happened to me. I won't go into detail about what happened, other than to say that at the time, it seemed like the end of my world. So this past week has been filled with lots of soul … Continue reading 3 Steps to Being Happy When Life Sucks

One Secret for Instantly Better Relationships

Hate is a big problem. From wars to hate-crimes to bullying to self-loathing, it's everywhere. And the biggest problem is that people seem to hate for absolutely no good reason. Or, at least, for a reason that seemed valid when the hatred started, but makes absolutely no sense anymore. Hate, anger, and grudges take up … Continue reading One Secret for Instantly Better Relationships

FunDay Sunday #2 – Top 5 Easy Pranks

Welcome to the second installment of FunDay Sunday, my weekly post to help you laugh off the end of the weekend and start your Monday with a smile. Last week I shared some of the craziest baby names I've ever heard. This week... pranks!!! April is just a few weeks away, which means that all … Continue reading FunDay Sunday #2 – Top 5 Easy Pranks