Apparently Necesary Thoughts on “The Last Jedi”

[Spoilers ahead. But to be honest if you havn't seen The Last Jedi by now, that's on you.] I didn't love the new Star Wars film. Phew. Got that out of the way. In case you didn't know, the lastest installment in the insanely popular Star Wars franchise came out earlier this month. It made … Continue reading Apparently Necesary Thoughts on “The Last Jedi”

#8 – Iron Man 3

H:5 What many have complained is the movies biggest weakness is actually, in my opinion, it's greatest strength - Tony spends very little time of the movie in the actual Iron Man suits. But this is why the movie does so well - could his character go through more development? He goes from hiding behind … Continue reading #8 – Iron Man 3

#10 – Thor

H:4 Although Thor does go through a dramatic transformation in this film, it's not exactly an elegant one. From his over-the-top hubris in the film's opening act to the love and self-sacrifice in the third act, there doesn't seem to be any smooth transition. The whole film takes place in three days, so I'm not … Continue reading #10 – Thor

#11 – Iron Man 2

H:3 Tony Stark has some undeniable character change during this film. But since it's mostly about him being afraid of dying and pushing away his friends, it's more like he goes a little nuts and then eventually returns to normal rather than really growing. V:2 This was one of the earliest signs of Marvel's villain problem. … Continue reading #11 – Iron Man 2

#12 – Thor: The Dark World

H:3 Thor may not be the most exciting character in the MCU, but he is far from the most boring. And at least this film allows him to explore some character growth as he seeks to become the best ruler of Asgard he can be. His biggest moment of growth comes at his moment of … Continue reading #12 – Thor: The Dark World

#13 -The Incredible Hulk

H:3 Sure, this is the worst movie in the MCU, but before Edward Norton was replaced as Bruce Banner, he did a great job of making us care for this character. (Unlike Eric Bana's train wreck of a portrayal just 5 years earlier) V:2 How often can we see regular-Hulk-fight-bigger-Hulk? Come on. It shouldn't be possible to make … Continue reading #13 -The Incredible Hulk