5 Lies Parents Tell Their Kids

Of course our parents meant well. But it turns out, a lot of the things they told us as kids to make us behave were just flat-out-lies. But, in their defense, they may not have even known they were lying, because some of these myths have been circling around for a loooooooing time. Check out … Continue reading 5 Lies Parents Tell Their Kids

Dear Fathers: You Really Do Matter

In today's world, men are starting to be viewed as unimportant. Listen to the news, watch TV shows, read books, or browse the internet, and you will see that all over, men's roles are being deemed as secondary or replaceable. Fathers in the media are reduced to bumbling caricatures who only exist to embarrass their children or … Continue reading Dear Fathers: You Really Do Matter

Ants on a Wall – Flash Fiction by TJ

This is an original piece of flash fiction by TJ, taken from his two years as a missionary in West Africa.