Jerusalem – Week 1

Although I haven't technically been in Jerusalem for a week yet, so much has happened that I just have to write about it! The BYU Jerusalem Center is one of the best places to live ever! The rooms are a bit small, but it doesn't even mater because all you do in them is sleep … Continue reading Jerusalem – Week 1

Why I Am Pro-Gay Rights but Anti-Gay-Marriage

I am writing this post because of a sad trend I saw on Facebook after the announcement of the Supreme Court's ruling to legalize gay marriage in the United States: anyone who did anything other than celebrate the announcement was immediately targeted as an intolerant bigot who hates all gay people. The reason this upset me is … Continue reading Why I Am Pro-Gay Rights but Anti-Gay-Marriage

5 Myths about Mormons

For several years, Mormonism has been growing in popularity. From Mitt Romney's presidential campaign to Mormon celebrities like Aaron Eckhart, David Archuleta, and Glenn Beck, Mormons have been more and more in the public eye lately. Since The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (commonly referred to as LDS or Mormon) was founded in 1830, there has … Continue reading 5 Myths about Mormons