Ants on a Wall – Flash Fiction by TJ

This is an original piece of flash fiction by TJ, taken from his two years as a missionary in West Africa.

3 Things You Need to do TODAY to Prepare for the Worst

These 3 tips might not sound like a big deal now, but you'll wish you had listened when the zombies are tearing down your door...

The Ultimate Oreo Dunking Technique

Ok guys, here is a not-so-secret technique that has forever changed the way I consume my favorite food: Oreos. Mint Oreos, to be exact. Obviously there is nothing that compares to the deliciousness of when a Mint Oreo has been dunked in milk and reaches the perfect blend of soft yet crunchy. But there are … Continue reading The Ultimate Oreo Dunking Technique

6 Qualities of My Perfect Woman

A few days ago I posted about how NOT to set me up on a date. And on my About page, my bucket list says that I want to marry the most perfect woman in the world and raise a family together. Well I've received quite a few remarks about how unrealistic that is, because … Continue reading 6 Qualities of My Perfect Woman