Hire TJ to write for you!

If you're a frequent reader of The TJ Blog then you know I cover a wide variety of topics and enjoy writing about new subjects in new ways all the time. So I've decided to share that love with all of you! If you have a blog, magazine, social media account, or anything else that … Continue reading Hire TJ to write for you!

Changing Directions

There is a big myth about successful blogging that I want to dispel right now: successful bloggers have to keep to a publishing schedule. Keeping a strict posting schedule might be helpful (and even necessary) for some bloggers, but in many cases all it does is force bloggers to push out crappy articles about random … Continue reading Changing Directions

What Comes Next?

I want you, my readers, to help me pick my next literary project!

Dear Literary Agent who loves my work,

What are the chances my dream reader stumbles across my blog?