It’s All In Your Head – Short Story by TJ

It’s All in Your Head A Short Story by TJ The little purple fuzz-ball wasn’t sure what had happened. One second it had been relaxing peacefully in the quiet “I wonder how many calories are in this?” room, when the next, all the lights went out. Thought energy stopped buzzing by in the hallway outside, … Continue reading It’s All In Your Head – Short Story by TJ


One Secret for Instantly Better Relationships

Hate is a big problem. From wars to hate-crimes to bullying to self-loathing, it's everywhere. And the biggest problem is that people seem to hate for absolutely no good reason. Or, at least, for a reason that seemed valid when the hatred started, but makes absolutely no sense anymore. Hate, anger, and grudges take up … Continue reading One Secret for Instantly Better Relationships

FunDay Sunday #3 – Boys Will Be Girls

Ok, so you might call this a "lazy" post, but, hey, I've been sick for the past week, so I think I'm aloud. This is one of my all-time favorite YouTube videos, from the always hilarious Harvard Sailing Team. As confusing as it may be, they are not, in fact, a sailing team. They are … Continue reading FunDay Sunday #3 – Boys Will Be Girls

The Only Dating “Signal” that Matters

Girls spend a lot of time trying to drop subtle hints and signals. But there is only 1 signal that matters.

The “Lesbihonest” Story

Ok guys, it's story time again! Today's story is from my dating life. Get ready for face-palming! About 2 years ago I met a girl who I thought was cute. We'll call her Kate. I asked Kate out, took her to diner, and had what I thought was a great time. At the end of … Continue reading The “Lesbihonest” Story