TJ’s Book Launch Team

Exciting news! As my writing career starts to take shape with the publication of my first novel, Before the Hook (available here!), I have decided to put together a launch team, and as readers of my blog, you guys are getting an exclusive invite! What is a launch team you ask? Great question! Basically, it's … Continue reading TJ’s Book Launch Team

Before the Hook – Available Now!

I am absolutely ecstatic to announce that my debut novel, Before the Hook, is now available available in both ebook and paper formats on Amazon! This book has been a huge labor of love in my life for many years. The idea first started taking shape when I played Captain Hook in my high school's production … Continue reading Before the Hook – Available Now!

Hire TJ to write for you!

If you're a frequent reader of The TJ Blog then you know I cover a wide variety of topics and enjoy writing about new subjects in new ways all the time. So I've decided to share that love with all of you! If you have a blog, magazine, social media account, or anything else that … Continue reading Hire TJ to write for you!

Changing Directions

There is a big myth about successful blogging that I want to dispel right now: successful bloggers have to keep to a publishing schedule. Keeping a strict posting schedule might be helpful (and even necessary) for some bloggers, but in many cases all it does is force bloggers to push out crappy articles about random … Continue reading Changing Directions

It’s All In Your Head – Short Story by TJ

It’s All in Your Head A Short Story by TJ The little purple fuzz-ball wasn’t sure what had happened. One second it had been relaxing peacefully in the quiet “I wonder how many calories are in this?” room, when the next, all the lights went out. Thought energy stopped buzzing by in the hallway outside, … Continue reading It’s All In Your Head – Short Story by TJ

Ants on a Wall – Flash Fiction by TJ

This is an original piece of flash fiction by TJ, taken from his two years as a missionary in West Africa.