TJ’s Book Launch Team

Exciting news!

As my writing career starts to take shape with the publication of my first novel, Before the Hook (available here!), I have decided to put together a launch team, and as readers of my blog, you guys are getting an exclusive invite!

What is a launch team you ask? Great question!

Basically, it’s a group of readers who get an early copy of an upcoming book, who are asked to read it and give early feedback, then leave a review on Amazon the day the book is published! Per Amazon’s rules there is no financial compensation for the review, but you will be thanked in the book by name!

Each book launch opportunity will be optional, and I will post what the book is about so that you can decide which books you are interested in/have time to read, and which you want to pass on. No pressure!

If you want to be part of the team, please join the Facebook Group by clicking HERE. Just mention that you are a blog reader to get approved!

If not, no worries! I still love y’all :) Thanks for being a part of The TJ Blog.

Let me know what you think!

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