Before the Hook – Available Now!

I am absolutely ecstatic to announce that my debut novel, Before the Hook, is now available available in both ebook and paper formats on Amazon!

Version 2This book has been a huge labor of love in my life for many years. The idea first started taking shape when I played Captain Hook in my high school’s production of Peter Pan. I wondered about the origins of this pirate captain and what could have lead him to become the infamous villain we have all known since childhood.

This lead me to do extensive research on James M. Barrie’s writings about Captain Hook, and Never Never Land in general. I read through every book, play, and speech published by Barrie to find out exactly what he said about the Captain. I came to discover so many holes in Hook’s origin that I knew they had to be filled in.

I don’t believe that there is any person on earth who starts their life inherently evil. I believe that every villain we ever encounter, whether in real life or in fiction, truly believes that their actions are not only justified, but the right thing to do. In light of this, I wanted to find what happened in Captain Hook’s life (and, specifically, his childhood) that would lead him to become the pirate we are familiar with.

If you are interested in discovering the origins of Captain Hook (as well as many other inhabitants of Neverland), order the ebook or the paperback of my novel Before the Hook from Amazon. Thank you very much for your support, and I look forward to reading your reviews!



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