X-treme iPhone Shortage

apple_iphone_2017_20170912_11670Tech bloggers and supply chain analysts have been warning it for months, but it is now official: the iPhone X was WAY short-stocked. The vastly under-supplied and highly-anticipated 10th anniversary iPhone (labeled as “iPhone X” but said as “iPhone Ten” by everyone at the Apple Keynote, which honestly sounds less cool to me, but I digress) is reported to only have roughly 3 million unites to ship during launch. Compare that to the roughly 10 million iPhones that are typically available when a new device launches.

Even in years past with greater supply, the iPhone pre-release was always a hectic affair. People waiting anxiously by their computers or on their phones, constantly refreshing the page, each refresh bringing their anxiety levels to new heights as their heart pounds harder and harder, wondering which refresh will bring the mad dash of clicks and taps to the checkout!


Or, consider the even more horrifying ordeal of the people who camp out in front of an Apple Store for weeks (literally, weeks) to be the first one to get the new device. And those are during years when there are 10 million devices, and online sales still are sold out within minutes, and campers are still perched for weeks. This year, the demand will be much higher because supply is 3x lower.

Of course, this has been known for weeks, but tonight we officially saw the horrors of what pre-sales can do. I was one of those anxious people obsessively refreshing the Apple Store website. Every year Apple takes their store offline before the pre-order and puts it up right on time. But guess what? This year they were late. Pre-sales were suppose  to start at 12:01 PST on 10/27, but the store wasn’t working until about 12:05 PST. May not sound like much, but those 4 minutes can be pretty intense (just ask Justin Timberlake and Madonna). Then, within 2 minutes, the delivery date for the 64 GB model (which, according to polls, was much less sought after than the 256 GB version) was already 1-2 weeks behind the release date. TWO MINUTES. Within 10 minutes, that had already been pushed back to 3 weeks. Within 20, it was over a month. Anyone reading this still hoping to get an iPhone won’t receive theirs until December at the VERY EARLIEST, and more likely will be waiting until 2018.

Many people have criticized Apple in recent years for lack of innovation, and I have to agree that we’re all a bit bored of what is essentially the exact same phone body since 2014 (that’s ancient history in tech years) seen on the 6, 6s, 7, and 8. Perhaps the reason the iPhone X demand is so high is because it’s finally something new. New form factor, new technologies, new designs. A whole new experience.

Or, maybe it’s just because we’re all blind unintelligent group-think-prone conformist Apple sheep.

Either way, in a few weeks I’ll be doing literally nothing but Animojis all day long. All. Day.


Let me know what you think!

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