To iPhone 7, or Not to iPhone 7? That is the Question.

screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-11-36-19-pmAlthough leaks and peeks had been circulating for months, last week we finally got all the official information about Apple’s newest smartphone, the iPhone 7. And, with the first batch set to arrive this Friday, we find he culminating question of the tech world this week: should I upgrade?

Unfortunately, this isn’t as straightforward an answer as it has been in years past because of one new player: the currently-unnamed 2017 iPhone.

Every year, people ask themselves the question of whether they should upgrade now or wait until next year’s inevitable upgrade comes along. But this year that question is more important than ever. Why? Because next year, 2017, marks the 10 year anniversary of the first iPhone, and the vast majority of tech reporters and inside sources claim that Apple has got some truly amazing stuff up their sleeve for next year’s model.

If you felt like the iPhone 7 was too similar to the iPhone 6 to deserve a new number, you’re not alone. But this “slower” upgrade year was carefully planned and thought out to prepare Apple for next year’s 10th Anniversary edition. Although some of the upgrades are wonderful (honestly, I can’t count the number of photographers raving about the new cameras), it sounds like they are nothing compared to what is in store for next year.

So here’s the answer to the question: if you can buy this iPhone and still be able to upgrade next year, then YES. Many customers purchase their iPhone through one of the many available “yearly upgrade” plans, like the monthly payment plan from Apple or the similar plans provided by almost all major networks. If this is you, then you have nothing to loose and a lot to gain from upgrading to the iPhone 7 (longer battery life, vastly improved processor, waterproof, amazing cameras, etc). And then, when the 2017 iPhone is released, you can get that one too! No downside there.

However, if you purchase your iPhone through a 2-year contract situation, or if you purchase it straight up with cash, then I would say to wait. From the whisperings we’ve heard, next year’s model is going to astound, and it would be a shame to be locked into a contract with one year still left, or to have to spend another $650 or more in such short succession. As great as the iPhone 7’s new features are, I’d be willing to bet that you’ll be kicking yourself this time next year if you are unable to upgrade.

Or, you know, if you’re insanely wealthy and money is no object, go ahead and upgrade as many times as you want, however you want. It’s your money. Oh, and also, can you buy me one of the new Apple Watches while you’re at it? Thanks.


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