#7 – Ant-Man

24-Ant-Man-Review-2H:3 Paul Rudd was a fantastic choice to play Scott Lang. For a character as silly-sounding as “Ant-Man” you can’t have an actor who takes themselves too seriously. Rudd brilliantly played the lovable goof, but made a believable performance as a loving and concerned father, too. The problem is that he basically spends the entire movie as that lovable and concerned father, the only real growth in learning to do the right thing, not the easy thing.

V:1 Sadly, Ant-Man had probably the weakest villain of any Marvel movie ever. Darren Cross is just plain boring, and another example of a hero fighting a villain with nearly identical abilities. But, unlike Hulk who had Tim Roth or Cap who had Hugo Weaving, Ant-Man got Corey Stoll, who just doesn’t have the chops to make us care about this whiney, why-don’t-you-love-me villain. At the very least they should have leaned more heavily into the barely-mentioned fact that the exposure to his tests was making Cross’s brain turn to putty.

U:5 Perhaps this movie’s saving grace is how unique it is. After seeing so many cities being blown up, how great was it to see just a small train-set be blown up? The entire visual spectacle of the shrunken moments was so fun to watch! And the movie’s uniqueness isn’t just thanks to the source material. The humor and timing felt totally fresh and new, like watching a comedy that happened to be about a super hero, rather than the other way around.

S:4 The supporting characters of this film basically made the movie. Michael Douglas does a wonderful job playing Hank Pym, and his progression and growth with his daughter, played by the wonderful Evangeline Lilly, made us really feel for their family! And, of course, we can’t forget the scene-stealing humor of Michael Peña. Even if his character didn’t grow all that much, we had so much fun watching him that we didn’t care. Sadly, it felt like we didn’t get to see enough of Lilly in action, who seems to spend the whole movie waiting for the sequel to come out, echoing exactly what the audience was thinking with her final line: “It’s about damn time.”

M:5 This film is chalk-full of memorable moments. From Cross being hit by Thomas the Tank Engine to Rudd and Lilly’s endearing first meeting, there is no shortage of moments to love. And who could forget about Rudd’s Baskin Robbin’s struggles with cheese-pretzel guy? Plus, am I the only one who was blown away by the CGI young Michael Douglas?

Final Score: 18 – This movie was tons of fun. Who cares if the science doesn’t make sense, even if you accept the existence of the Pym Particle? (If Ant-Man retains his mass, which they say is why he punches so hard in ant-form, then how is he able to run down the barrel of a bad guy’s gun? That guy is holding like 180 lbs of weight on that gun!) But it honestly doesn’t matter. If only Cross had been a more interesting villain, this movie could have truly been one of Marvel’s best.

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