#12 – Thor: The Dark World

thor2bH:3 Thor may not be the most exciting character in the MCU, but he is far from the most boring. And at least this film allows him to explore some character growth as he seeks to become the best ruler of Asgard he can be. His biggest moment of growth comes at his moment of self-sacrifice in the end, but this growth didn’t exactly happen organically.

V:1 Come on. It’s like the writers really weren’t even trying here. The Dark Elves? I know that it’s in the source material, but at least make us care about the guy. He’s literally evil just for the sake of being evil. “I want to destroy the universe because I like destroying things” is basically his only motivation.

U:3 It’s undeniable that Asgard is probably the most unique location in the MCU. It’s fantasy/sci-fi combination is fascinating. Unfortunately, the uniqueness of the setting and set pieces didn’t carry over into the rather formulaic story line.

S:4 From Kat Dennings and her forced romantic interest and the uninteresting relationship with Thor’s parents, the secondary characters don’t do much. So why a 4? One word: Loki. In his best performance to date, Tom Hiddleston’s Loki saves this movie. Ok, plus Zachary Levi.

M:4 You can’t deny this movie had some cool memorable moments. Like basically any time gravity went nuts. Dropping keys into portals to other universes, floating trucks, etc. Plus, Thor riding the Tube is everything you never knew you wanted.

Final Score: 15 – For a movie that really isn’t that bad, it may be sad to see it so far down the list. But remember who it’s competing against. This may have been one of the best movies of 2013, but every single movie on this list (aside from Hulk) has that distinction during their release year.

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