#13 -The Incredible Hulk

The_Incredible_Hulk_posterH:3 Sure, this is the worst movie in the MCU, but before Edward Norton was replaced as Bruce Banner, he did a great job of making us care for this character. (Unlike Eric Bana’s train wreck of a portrayal just 5 years earlier)

V:2 How often can we see regular-Hulk-fight-bigger-Hulk? Come on. It shouldn’t be possible to make The Abomination so dull, but they did. He has absolutely no reason for fighting the Hulk other than “me bad, me fight Hulk”. The only reason it gets a 2 is because Tim Roth is so amazing, and managed to make the miserably one dimensional villain entertaining.

U:3 Although rather formulaic in hindsight, being the second film in the MCU, we’ll forgive them on the grounds that they were just getting started.

S:2 Despite some big names like Liv Tyler, William Hurt, and (gasp!) Modern Family’s Ty Burrell, it was hard to really care about any character besides Bruce. Not to mention the fact that not a single one of them grew in any substantial way. The only one who changed at all was Burrell’s character realizing, “Wait, the Hulk tried to save my girlfriend, and her dad almost got her killed. Hmm.” But then not doing anything about it.

M:2 The ending fight scene was undeniably pretty cool, but the dark lighting and poor camera choices made it hard to appreciate fully. The only truly memorable scene was memorable in a very bad way – after the Hulk saves Betty from being blown up, then it stats pouring rain for absolutely NO WHERE. There wasn’t even a casual reference to a storm coming in or lightining shown in the distance. Just – BOOM EXPLOSION, poof! Instant rain! Come on.

Final Score: 12 – The Incredible Hulk may be the worst film in the MCU, but considering the mammoth blockbuster success the studio is churning out on a regular basis, it’s not a bad list to be at the end of. At least it’s still infinitely better than the newest Fantastic Four reboot.

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