So much more than Pyramids…

In third grade, my teacher decide that our class theme for the whole year was going to be Egypt. Our room was decorated like Egypt, our school play was about Egypt, and we did (what I considered at the time) a major research project about Egypt. Now, I cannot believe it, but my third-grade dream has come true! I got to spend a whole week in Egypt! I could not begin to describe all of the amazing things I saw in enough detail if I wrote a novel, so I certainly couldn’t do it in a blog post. I’ll just say how impressed I was by the size, scale, and perfection of their building projects (and shocked at how colorful they all were, and how colorful some still are!)

IMG_4970Just for one example, here are some ridiculous statistics I learned about the Great Pyramid of Giza:

  • The height of the pyramid is 249 meters, and the distance from the Earth to the sun is 249 million kilometers.
  • The ratio of the sides to the top is 11/7, but with 2 sides makes 22/7, which is the ratio of pi! This is significant because pi is infinite, and this pyramid is also called “The Temple of Eternity”
  • If you cut all of the blocks that make the Great Pyramid into 1-foot cubes, you would have enough cubes to circle 2/3 around the equator, or enough to build an 8 foot tall wall around all of France!
  • Inside the total volume of the Great Pyramid (2,300,000 blocks) you could fit both St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome and St. Paul’s Basilica in London simultaneously!

This trip was life changing. So instead of listening to me drone on about visiting the pyramids (and walking inside one), riding boats down the nile, seeing Luxor temple, going inside several tombs in the Valley of the Kings, seeing Tut’s exhibits in the Cairo museum, and the dozens of other cool things we did, here are some of my highlight pictures. Enjoy!




This trip was life-changing. It’s only been a week since I was there, and I already want to go back!

Well, next week we head off to Galilee, so check back soon for more photos and updates from the land where Jesus Christ spent most of his life!


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