Changing Directions

There is a big myth about successful blogging that I want to dispel right now: successful bloggers have to keep to a publishing schedule.

Keeping a strict posting schedule might be helpful (and even necessary) for some bloggers, but in many cases all it does is force bloggers to push out crappy articles about random nothingness (case in point: my post about boardgames that kill friendships).

So from now on The TJ Blog will be taking a different direction. Before I was trying to push out two posts a week. That was great for the beginning, to get me used to writing in blog format and to get some readership, but now that I have a pretty solid foundation, I will no longer be holding myself accountable to a schedule for posting. I will post what matters, when it matters. I’m not saying that everything I write will be groundbreaking or serious or life-changing. I’ll still write funny lists, opinion articles, etc, but it will be things that really matter to me and things that I think will really matter to you, my readers. Pushing out articles just for the sake of a schedule is bad for everyone.

I hope you all enjoy my new blogging style, and I hope that by sharing less fluff and more highly developed content, you will get more from following me.

Thank you so much for your support!


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