How Much does Height Matter?

I am 5’10.

For an adult American male, this is considered almost exactly average. I’m pretty sure I got this height from my dad, who is also around 5’10. My mom, however, is pretty tall for a woman. She is also 5’10. And of my four sisters, two are tall and two are short. (For the record, I am the only boy. It’s made for some interesting experiences which I’m sure I’ll share later).

Tom and Katie heightSo for most of my life I’ve heard the complaints from my mom and two tall sisters about how hard it is to be a tall girl. How they can only date tall guys, which eliminates half the dating pool, and how they have to always be conscious about the size of their heels. Now, my shorter sisters (one of them calls it “fun-sized”, not short) have their own set of complaints about height, but that’s another subject entirely.

Why am I bringing this up? A while back I was set up on a date by one of my sisters. Luckily, she did her homework and knew that I would actually get along well with the girl, instead of just setting up two random single people like so often happens. Well I got together with the girl and we had a fun night. We went to Walmart, bought some Oreos (but sadly didn’t have any milk for my ultimate dunking technique), and watched a movie at my apartment. It was nice! There was one problem, however.

She’s also 5’10. And she was wearing one inch heels.

After growing up hearing so many complaints about dating guys who are shorter (or just not taller) than my sisters, it made me really self conscious! And at the end of the night when I was giving her a hug, I felt like I was a midget (even though she was basically the same height as me).

dating tall girlsOf course I’m not going to kill the relationship because of this, but it got me thinking: How much does height really matter? This isn’t some post where I answer all the questions of the universe. I really want to know, in your opinion: how much does height matter? Please sound off in the comments!

(I will say, if the girl was Katie Holmes or Jennifer Lawrence, I’d wear platform shoes.)

5 thoughts on “How Much does Height Matter?

  1. Good things come in small packages. It’s silly to judge someone by their height. The only way it might count in any meaningful way is that a small woman with a tall man might have more difficulty giving birth to a large baby.


    1. P.S.—Being small enough that car shoulder-straps catch one’s throat, or that one can’t look through door peepholes that are all at a standard height is a hardship. Our civilization has certain assumptions about what heights to accommodate to. It has nothing to do with who one is inside, though.


  2. I don’t think height matters. My father is 5’11” and my mother is 5’2″. My oldest sister is tall at 5’9″. My second and youngest are medium tall – around 5’5″ or 5’6″. I am the shortest at 5’2″ like my mother.

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  3. I have a friend who is tall and she complains all the time about her height. To me, height doesn’t really matter much. I don’t understand her complaints, then again I am shorter than she is.

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