Top 3 Friendship Ruining Games

board game hatredIt isn’t a secret that some board games seemed intentionally designed to ruin friendships. And through all of the various games I’ve played, some vicious, some benign, I’ve come across this one unchanging fact: the level to which friendships are ruined is directly proportionate to the amount of time spent playing.

Think I’m wrong? I’ve played some games (like my new favorite card game Star Realms) that are incredibly vicious, in which players do nothing but attack, undermine, and ruin each other. But never once have I had hard feelings at the end of the game. Why? Because it only takes about 30 minutes, max. While other games, such as the ones listed here, take so long and you have so much invested in it, that even accidents or misdeeds that can’t be avoided are taken as though your friend willfully and maliciously spat right in your face.

1. Settlers of Catancatan

This is one of those games that, in theory, should be pretty amicable. Dices are rolled to see what resources you get, you build your own properties and have no way of attacking or destroying other player’s stuff (not directly anyway), and you participate in trading resources with others to try and mutually benefit you both. But it quickly becomes very clear that the limited number of spaces to build settlements and roads leads to offense of the highest order. Even if you would have done the exact same thing, somebody blocking your projected building pathway is tantamount to pouring acid down your throat.

2. Monopolymonopoly

Forever known as the game that takes way too long, Monopoly holds a special place in many people’s hearts. That’s probably because the beginning of the game is so innocent. People buy properties, work hard to build houses and hotels, and when you land on someone else’s property, the rent is very reasonable. It all seems like great, innocent fun. Until it’s 3 A.M., everyone is exhausted, you are nearly bankrupt, and no matter how much you wish it, no one ever seems to land on your big expensive hotel properties. This game is the classic example of how too much time spent playing directly causes inter-player hatred.

3. Riskrisk

For years, my cousins and I would look forward to our family reunions for many reasons, one of the main reasons being the excitement to stay awake all night playing risk. Anyone who’s played the game of global domination knows that it takes a loooooooong time. They also know that the entire nature of the game is to make treaties, break them, back stab people, and conspire to destroy everyone. The amount of time spent playing only makes you more invested in your fake domination, making defeat and betrayal that much harder to handle. Risk is the ultimate friendship ruiner.

I no longer play Risk. Mostly because I have never played a single game of Risk that didn’t make us hate each other the next day.

Let me know what you think!

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