5 Lies Parents Tell Their Kids

Of course our parents meant well. But it turns out, a lot of the things they told us as kids to make us behave were just flat-out-lies. But, in their defense, they may not have even known they were lying, because some of these myths have been circling around for a loooooooing time. Check out 5 of the most common lies parents tell their kids:

baby bird“If you touch that baby bird, it’s mommy will abandon it.”

This is claimed to be because the mother will “smell” human on the baby and reject it. This isn’t true. Mostly because birds don’t have a great sense of smell. But also because birds take things that humans have touched all the time. So if you do see a tiny little bird that fell out of it’s nest, feel free to put it back up there. But don’t take it home to try and take care of it. You’re a lousy bird-mom.

knuckle cracking“Cracking your knuckles will give your arthritis.”

According to multiple medical studies, this statement is a lie. There is simply no evidence to link knuckle cracking habits with arthritis. It just sounds annoying.

cross eyed kid“If you cross your eyes, they’ll get stuck that way.”

When you cross your eyes, you are flexing muscles. If you cross your eyes for too long, those muscles will get fatigued and release, and your eyes will go back to normal. This is like claiming that if you do too many push-ups, your body will be stuck that way. It’s just not true.

“Eating chocolate causes acne.”

Parents tell kids who over-eat sugar or other fatty foods that the oils will make them get worse acne. Obviously, this is almost every teenager’s nightmare, so most listen and cut down on the sweets and fats. But there is no evidence to back up this claim. Although eating too much of these junk foods can cause other health problems, acne isn’t one of them.

chewing gum“If you swallow your gum, it will be stuck in your stomach for seven years.”

Or any other ridiculous amount of time. The truth is that although it is true that gum-based foods cannot be digested by the human body, they don’t get stuck inside the digestive track. They pass through your body the same way all other non-digestible substances would, like the outside of corn kernels. That being said, there is a small danger of an enormous wad of gum blocking your digestive track. So, don’t swallow a whole pack at once.

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