You Won’t Believe Someone Actually Bought These Things

I won’t lie and say that I don’t have my eye on an Apple Watch. But I’m looking at the base-line sport version. I am still in total shock that Apple is selling a $17,000 Watch, and even more shocked that people would spend that much money on one! Case in point: the gold Apple Watch Edition sold out when it was released in China within an hour, and over there the thing costs about $20,000!!!

But there are crazier things that people have forked out obscene amounts of money on. At least an Apple Watch is a status symbol and a pretty great smart watch, according to reviews. Check out this list of the most out of control purchases I could find:

Gold Covered Chocolate Bar – $1,600

chocolate goldThis one chocolate bar costs $1,600, which comes out to about $400 per bite! The bar itself is coated in edible gold leaf, and the wrapper is, naturally, gold. I’m more of a Snickers man myself, but even when I get fancy and indulge in an expensive chocolate, I go for the $4 Ghirardelli dark chocolate. I really can’t imagine gold tasting very good.

Parking Spots – $560,000

reserved parkingComing from a hot place like Vegas, I know how great it feels to score that perfect parking spot, both in the shade of a tree and close to the store entrance. And attending a university with 30,000 students and only about 1,000 parking places means I also know the stress of getting any parking spot, let alone a good one. But two parking spots were auctioned off in Boston for $560,000. I’m pretty sure you could just hire a driver to drop you off and pick you up for way less.

Solid Gold Toilet – $1,000,000

gold toiletThis is crazy. Somebody actually has enough cash laying around to spend one million so that they can crap on solid gold. I don’t understand! I could understand upgrading from that white porcelain if you have enough cash with one of those fancy robot-toilets from Japan, because those actually might improve your toilet experience. But a solid gold toilet? I guess some people really need to feel like they have a throne.

Scale Model Lamborghini – $4,700,000

model carNow, I might be able to understand if some ridiculous .00001%er decided to buy a car for $4.7 mil. Maybe. But spending that much money on a one-eight scale model of it? That’s crazy! I don’t care that it’s made out of real carbon fiber and is hand crafted. That is just a glorified hot-wheel. And the craziest part? The actual working version of the car that it’s modeled after only costs $379,000. That’s one-tenth of the cost.

Yacht – $4,800,000,000

yachtYes, you read that right. That’s $4.8 billion for a boat. Evidently this thing is made with over 100,000 kg of gold and is decorated with such lavish additions as meteorites and T-rex bones. That’s right. This boat is covered in space rocks and dinosaur bones. Which apparently is really important for a boat.

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