Dear Fathers: You Really Do Matter

In today’s world, men are starting to be viewed as unimportant. Listen to the news, watch TV shows, read books, or browse the internet, and you will see that all over, men’s roles are being deemed as secondary or replaceable. Fathers in the media are reduced to bumbling caricatures who only exist to embarrass their children or be corrected by their vastly more intelligent wife. Family planners will tell you all about how a father isn’t necessary to the proper upbringing of a child, and how ideals of traditional family roles are outdated and limiting. Some extreme feminist movements operate primarily by focusing on how unessential men are in the workplace and in the home, because women can do anything men can do.

Is this really the message the world wants to send to their dads? That they are incompetent and unneceseary?

As I sat at my desk, contemplating what message I could share for Father’s Day, and what I wanted to do for my own dad, I came to this realization: the vast majority of the population agrees with me about how important their fathers are. It’s just that the people who disagree are yelling louder than everyone else.

imagesSo today, I want to state clearly and as loudly as possible that I love my Dad. And I love all of the men in the world who have sacrificed their sleep, their time, their hard-earned money, their patience, their energy, and their freedom, for us, their kids. We love you, Dads. Dad, I love you.

No matter what the media portrays you as, and no matter what misandrists may say, I know who you really are. You’ve been my cheerleader when I’ve succeeded, and you’ve been supportive when I’ve failed. You’ve shown me the difference between right and wrong. You’ve taught me how to be a good man by your daily example. You’ve inspired me to work hard to provide the comforts of life for my future family, the way you always provided for me. You’ve never complained, even though I sometimes gave you plenty of reason to. You’ve never given up on me, even when I had given up on myself. You were, are, and will be, the solid foundation for my future.

You showed me how to love my future wife by the way you love and respect Mom. You’ve shown me how generosity and charity from one person truly can make a difference. You’ve always given your time and your money to those in need, and your giving soul is one of the traits I most hope I’ve inherited from you.

images-2There is power in the role of a Father. For those who believe that family units are eternal and continue after death, as I do, then the role and responsibility of a Father is also eternal. I will always be your son. You will always be my Dad. I hope and pray that I can be as good a father to my future kids as you were, and still are, to me.

Your importance cannot be fully stated in a blog post. Your importance can’t even be fully expressed in any amount of words. So I hope these simple ones suffice.

I love you, Dad.

Please share this message with your Dad, or anyone who has been a Father to you. Let them know how important they are to the world.

5 thoughts on “Dear Fathers: You Really Do Matter

  1. Very good and so right! I am so sorry for people who have lousy fathers, but that is not the normal father. I have so many men in my family and friends who are unselfish, loving, honest men who give generously to their families. I’m truly blessed. And happy Father’s Day back to you, T.J.


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