Winding Down – Europe Day 24

Today, as I packed up to leave Stari Grad, it hit me that tomorrow night we are going to be packing up for good. It was a pretty sad thought, but honestly a bit relieving that we won’t have to worry about where we are going or what we will do. 

So we returned the bikes that we rented, thinking that we might go to the beach again, but luckily I checked the ferry schedule first because the only 2 trips back to the mainland were at 11:30 and 5:30. We obviously didn’t want to wait and get to Split too late, so we hurried home grabbed our bags and thanked our host. To be perfectly frank, I wouldn’t stay there again because we had lots of problems with the aparment, like a gross vomit smell rising up from the sink. But at least she was very nice and it was a cheap place to stay. With that we grabbed our bags and hurried to the dock, making in onto the ferry just in time. Thankfully this time there wasn’t an entire school of teenagers on a field trip with us. Did I mention that about the last ferry? I can’t remember. But they were terrible.

Upon docking in Split we reserved a room on AirBNB and grabbed lunch. Then we took one of the sweatiest bus rides ever, and although it was only 45 minutes long, it felt waaaaay longer, and made me so happy we had elected not to spend nearly 5 hours on a bus to Dubrovnik. This host was so great, and the room we are staying in is like 10x nicer than the last place. And it’s nice and close to the airport, so the host told us she would drive is there Tuesday morning for our early morning flight. 

After we had arrived and settled in our host took us in her car for a short trip to show us the town and it’s important sights, giving us an explanation of the town’s history along the way. I probably should have mentioned that we aren’t actually staying in Split, but a nearby town that is closer to the airport. This town is called Kaštel, which is easy to remember because it’s named after seven old towns that were all squished together, and each town had their own castle. Get it? Apparently Game of Thrones was filmed at one of them. 

  Once our sightseeing trip was over our host dropped us off at the beach, where Sam and I had tons of fun swimming in the clear-as-glass water. It was cold at first, but the hot weather made it totally worth it. Our host told us that the locals still considered too cold to swim in, and that they won’t get in until the end of June and July when the water temperature gets into the upper 70s! I would love to be here for that! But as it was we had a great time, and we took tons of fun underwater videos, and I was very happy to soak in lots of sun. (Don’t worry Mom, I wore sunblock) Oh, and apparently this area has the saltiest water in all the Mediteranean, which we could totally fell as we swam! As we dried off after, we had big white chunks of salt in our eyebrows and eyelashes. 

  For dinner we ate at a a lovely restaurant hanging over the water, and topped it off with gelato! Our host was kind enough to come pick us up after, which was great because these crappy $8 water shoes have started falling apart. Good thing I only need them for one more day. And what a great day it will be!

3 thoughts on “Winding Down – Europe Day 24

  1. I’ve really enjoyed journeying round Europe with you guys and sorry it’s come to an end, especially without you visiting the UK. Have a great day tomorrow and safe journey home.


  2. Great job! This was a really fun day and we enjoyed it. Lucky you are traveling with a beautiful girl. You both could be poster kids.


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