Stari Grad – Europe Day 23

I said yesterday that the last 4 or 5 days of our trip are going to be all about relaxing and doing whatever we feel like, and that is exactly what today was. 

We both woke up relatively early, having gone to bed pretty early because of our lack of sleep on the ferry boat the night before. We then got ready and took a walk into town, stopping along the way for some breakfast croisants and doughnuts. Both Nutella filled, of course. I’ll never understand why it’s taking America so long to adopt Nutella on a grande scale. Europeans put that stuff on top of or inside of everything, and it’s always fantastic!

Anyway we decided that we needed to get some water shoes, both because all the beaches here are very pebbly (and yesterday I spotted sea urchins on the sea floor near one beach) and because the $4 flip-flops I had bought at Wal-Mart were actively giving me blisters. We also got some vey cheap googles so that we could swim around through the perfect visibility water and see everything. We then picked up some snacks and supplies (like sun-screen) from the local grocery store, finishing off by heading to the bicycle rental center. The lady who worked there was aparently brand new on the job, so we didn’t get out of the rental shop until about 11:30. But once we did we asked the tourist information where the nearest sandy-beach was, thinking that we might get to just lay out on the sand and relax. We found out the nearest one was not to far away for a bicycle, so we headed off!

I should probably note here that Sam is not a very experienced cyclist. In fact, I’m pretty sure that our cycling in Geneva was her first time cycling since she was in elementary school. And this time the bycicles we rode came with the dreaded gears! At first she freaked out a bit about the numbers and what they meant and when to use them, but like everyone, she eventually started getting the hang of it without having to always ask me when to switch. 

  Well the path to the sandy beach we wanted wasn’t a very long one, but the last third of it was off-road, so Sam wasn’t super happy about that. When we got there I took off my new water shoes (beacuse what’s the point of a sandy beach with shoes on?) and stepped in the water. Ho. Ly. Crap. It was freezing! And as I walked out into the water the sand started feeling more like silt, and I felt my feet sinking just a little too much. The beach itself was gorgeous of course. I forced myself to go underwater, but it was seriously so cold. I took my Action Cam with the water-proof case on it, so eventually I’ll put those videos together and share them too. Some locals stood outside a nearby house on this secluded waterfront and stared at us like we must be idiots. Well, the jokes on them, because I already know we are. But our time at the sandy beach was short, and soon we were off again. 

  After a quick lunch, we continued our bicycle exploration around the other side of the small inlet the town was spread across. It was here that we found our real pebble beach. I first tried go my barefoot to prevent my water shoes from getting soaked and sloshing water around for the next three hours, but once I gave in and put them on, I was surprised at how warm the water felt. Relatively speaking, of course. Although the water looks like a warm Caribbean blue, it feels more like a lake in the mountains. And to be honest, the pebble beach and pine trees made it look like one too. I took tons more videos here of us swimming around underwater and examining what I assumed to be some kind of sea slug. But I don’t even know if that’s a real thing. They looked like large purple cucumbers and they were a little squishy, but they didn’t react when I poked them with the selfie stick, so who knows? A marine biologist probably would, but hey, I’m just an English major. 

The cold water combined with the quickly darkening and overcast weather and made us decide to get out of the water after not too long. We dried off and rode back home, took a shower, and rode back out to diner. Both Sam and I were feeling rather sore in the rear area from the bicycle seats which had less cushion than Nicole Richie’s forearms. 

And tonight I realized that 2 days from now we will be packing up to go home. Better make them an awesome 2 days!!!

One thought on “Stari Grad – Europe Day 23

  1. Another fun day. Love the descriptions. What are the people like in Croatia? Different from other countries?


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