Murano Glass and a Book Hunt – Europe Day 19

  We woke up very early today. Well, 7:00. But that is very early for us. We wanted to make it to St. Mark’s Square before all the crowds and cruise ships came in. So we skipped breakfast and headed straight there, getting some pretty fantastic photos. It’s by far the best time of day to see the square, not only because there are abou 4,000 less people there, but also because the early morning sunlight makes for some great dramatic pictures. 

After our early tour we returned to the B&B, had breakfast, and packed out bags, which we left during the day while we explored some more. We took an early boat to Murano where the world famous glass comes from. Except, unlike yesterday, today we took the direct boat there. Turns out the glass museum was closed for some dumb reason, so we just walked the streets of Murano, window shopping the amazing glass chandeliers and kitchenware. After way too much time debating my choices I ended up purchasing the only real souvenir a guy can here: glass cuff links. 

We also got to see a free glass blowing demonstration, which was so simple but so mind blowing. Sadly, no pictures or videos were alowed. But the way they manipulated the orange-glowing super heated glass like it was soft butter was amazing. I watched a lump turn into a beautiful glass vase in like 5 minutes. Such a cool skill!

  We eventually made our way back to the main island and picked up our bags, knowing that we needed to be on our way soon. We would have hated to miss another train! Along the way, Sam really really wanted to get a copy of Dan Brown’s Inferno, so that she could read it before we arrive in Florence and see the sights in the book. She’s a very fast reader, and we had already seen the book yesterday, but when wI got to the book store, the only copy had been sold. Yikes. 

So during our walk to the train station we tried in 2 other stores, neither of which had a copy. Crap. So we got on the train to Florence. When we arrived, we walked to our hostel and checked in. After unpacking, Sam excitedly declared she had found a bookstore in Florence that is actually mentioned specifically in Inferno that would for sure have a copy. So we rushed over there, and found it closed. But sure enough there were 2 copies of Inferno in the window. We would just have to wait for morning. 

Back at the hostel we took a dip in the pool and soaked in the sauna for a few relaxing minutes. We met some other fun young travelers there, which is one of my favorite parts of staying in hostels. We then crashed, both exhausted after wake my up early and a very long day. 

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