Empty Schedule, Full Hotels – Europe Day 12

This morning Sam and I did nothing. Really though. Nothing. We woke up at the friend’s place in Grenoble, but he had a job interview to go to, so we waited at the house. And waited. And waited. We tried sending out couch surfing requests for our next location, and we read a LOT. By 1pm we knew we would have to leave soon and so we packed out bags. Luckily he got back right before we had to leave to catch our train. So he walked with him to the train station and we said goodbye. It was sad, but I was just happy we got to see him at all. 

  When our train arrived back in Geneva Sam and I were both hungry, so we decided that it would be as good a time as any to try some European McDonald’s. I knew it was more expensive than in the states, and had heard that it tasted better, so we figured we might as well see. Well my hamburger was much better than in the states, but Sam said her chicken nuggets were the same. So I guess that is something. 

We then boarded our next train to Montreux, seated on the opposite side of lake Geneva. At this point in the day I was worried that I would have nothing to write in my blog post but the fact that we ate McD. But fate decided to give me a fun story. We arrived in Montreux at about 7:30, and since none of our couch surfing requests had accepted us, we decided to go to the tourist information office to ask about a hostel. Well the info office was closed, along with what seemed to be every other business establishment in the entire town. We looked online and found that the only hostel in the city was an hour walk from the train station, which wouldn’t work because we would have to be there by 8am tomorrow morning. So we started walking down the street, asking every hotel we passed if they had any availability. The consierge at the first hotel told us they were fully booked. Second hotel had a sign on the door: fully booked. Third hotel: fully booked. Fourth hotel: fully booked except for the huge master suite. Fifth hotel: a room available for only one of the two nights we needed. It was starting to look like we would have to make the hour walk to the hostel. Oh, did I mention that it had started raining by this point? Well it was. Hard. 

Finally we found a hotel with an opening. One oppening, to be exact. We got the last room. So, drenched in rain, we checked in and dropped our bags in the room, collapsing momentarily on the first “real” bed in weeks. In fact, there was a big queen sized bed and a smaller twin in the corner, so we each got our own beds!

  We then left the hotel to look for food, once the rain had died down considerably, and started at a little Bulgarian restaurant. Sam wasn’t pleased by the menu. I’ll admit, it was too expensive. So we went across the street to a bar. The food there didn’t look too appetizing either. So we kept walking and found a big casino. I know, how Vegas of me. But they had a bar/restaurant so we got a sandwich to split and then some ice cream and dessert. By the time we got back to the hotel we were full and exhausted, so we passed out. Sam got the queen bed tonight. 

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