Friends in Far Places – Europe Day 11

The next activity Sam and I wanted to do was a “Chocolate Train”. Basically this just means a scenic train that goes through the alps to a cheese factory and a chocolate factory and you get to sample stuff. But the next available train isn’t til Wednesday, and today is Monday, so what do we do? 

As most of you know, I lived as a missionary in west Africa for 2 years. One of the missionaries I worked with is from Grenoble, France, and he was one of my favorite people. So I have really wanted to visit him for a while, and this break in our schedule provided the perfect opportunity! I messaged him and he told us it would be great for us to stay with him for a night. So we checked out of the hostel and headed to the train station. But the next train to Grenoble wouldn’t leave for another 2 hours. Oops.  So we just had to wait. 

On the train we passed some very beautiful French countryside. Oh, and I had the time to read in a book I took from the hostel’s book exchange, which is basically like a terrible sci-fi movie about killer sharks in the form of a novel. I love it haha. 

   Well after a few hours we arrived in Grenoble, and the sun was shining for what seems like the first time since we’ve been on Europe. We made our way via public transportation to my friend’s place, and I haven’t seen him for 2 ½ years, so it was an awesome reunion. After we settled in he and I talked for over an hour about what has happened since we last saw each other and laughed over old stories. After that he took us to the biggest thing to do in Grenoble: a cable car ride up to a 16th century fort with a beautiful view of the town and the surrounding mountains.  

 Finally we had dinner, and then we wanted to get crepes for dessert. Because you can’t visit France without having crepes, right? Well we walked to three different creperies, and they were all closed! Oh well. After that my friend took us to the local church’s youth activity night, where we got to meet lots of nice people, eat good food, and play games. There was even a crazy, nearly impossible to imagine, reunion. One of the missionaries here in Grenoble that we met at the church is Sam’s friends little brother from Arizona! It’s a small, small world. 

One thought on “Friends in Far Places – Europe Day 11

  1. Great that you met your mission friend! Thanks for some good pictures of Sam too. I am still enjoying travelling through Europe with you! You are getting good at missing trains and waiting in stations. Part of the job, huh.


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