Goodbye Denmark, Hello Switzerland – Europe Day 6

This morning we packed up our bags and headed to the airport. It was sad saying goodbye to our hosts and the lovely, always-happy people of Denmark, but we are excited for what is ahead. When we got to the airport our flight didn’t have a gate posted, so we had to wait a long time, and walked around the airport with our massive bags on (we are only allowed to have one carry on bag, with no small bag allowed, so we had to stuff our backpacks full). It was surprisingly tiring. 

  Sam and I basically read for the entire flight. My first travel book, which I plan on passing along to someone here, is The Art of Racing in the Rain. It’s my new favorite. Such a fantastic read. Seriously. Get it. 

When we arrived we had a little time to kill before meeting our Couch Surfing host in Basel, Switzerland, so we decided to get some dinner. But obviously first we needed some moola. So since my ATM card still won’t work, Sam had to withdraw some Swiss Francs. Except that she couldn’t. The machine said her card was invalid. Twice. Oh. Heck. No. 

We stewed in the airport for about an hour, fretting, stressing, and trying to use the very slow internet connection on our phones (international data included in our plan thanks to T-Mobile) to figure out the problem. Finally Sam had to call her bank (at 20 cents a minute, no thanks to T-Mobile) and they figured it all out. Thank goodness!!! Could you imagine if neither of our cards were working???

So woth the money we made our way to the central train station and bought some very cheap, but rather good, sandwiches. By that time our host would was due to be home in about an hour, leaving not quite enough time to explore, but too much time to arrive, so we sat in the station and read some more. (Really, go get that book.)

  So finally we made our way to our hosts home via a five minute tram and a five minute walk. His name is Francis, and he welcomed us warmly and showed is our room. His roommate Christian was also a delight. They even took us out to enjoy a bit of their towns night life. By which I mean we sat with the rest of the locals by the Rhine river and drank soda and chatted while watching the sunset over the skyline. It was lovely and made me wish we had a river to chat beside in Provo. They then took us along a delightful walking mall where Sam and I split a small Chinese meal, and we headed back home. 

I’m already in love with Switzerland. Stockholm and Denmark were great, and the people were some of the nicest and happiest I’ve seen anywhere, but everything about Switzerland is breathtaking. 

Let me know what you think!

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