The Depature – Europe Day 0

This pas week I have been stressing and packing basiclly non-stop, and today is finally the day: My good friend Sam and I are heading off to backpack through Europe for 3 weeks!

My stress came in as it got to the week of the trip and I realized with a shudder that we don’t know where we will be staying or what we will be doing! Then I had to remind myself over and over and over that not knowing is sort of the whole point of this trip. We have our plane ticket to Stockholm, our plane ticket home, and a train pass for while we are there, and the rest will just be an adventure! 

The second part of my stress came from trying to pack everything we will need for 3 weeks inside of one small backpack. I thought about what we might need, what I wished I could take but wouldn’t need, and how to best fit everything in. Not to mention the fact that Sam basically made me bring everything that isn’t specifically hers (camera, first-aid kit, all adapters and chargers, etc). 

*Sam is reading this as I type and would like to interject that she has one adapter and her charger. I only have the  other seven. “Yeah, well, you’re the boy, so you have to carry the heavier stuff. My bag is already heavy. I’m weak.” -Sam

So here we go! I’ve got everything I think I need. And, to be honest, if I forgot something it’s not like I’m going back to Africa. It’s just Europe. I can buy anything I need while I’m there. 

Check back here for my regular updates about our travel adventures!!! 


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