Hating Mondays is Ruining Your Life

Tomorrow is Monday, which, by far, is the least popular day of the week. In fact, according to a recent survey, when asked which day of the week they hated, Monday received 3 times more hate than any other day. The average person spends 12 minutes of their Monday moaning about the fact that it’s Monday, 50% of people are late to work on Monday, and most people won’t crack a smile on Monday until after 11am.

tomorrow is mondayBut why do people hate Monday so much? When asked about this topic, most people cite the start of another terrible work or school week or the end of an enjoyable weekend or vacation. It means that for another five days they are stuck in their nine-to-five, and won’t have a free day for six days. It’s really not a surprise that Mondays are hated so much.

But think about it for a second. You are wasting a whole day every week being angry. Many people let that hate cary through to Tuesday, and some even Wednesday, being angry all along that they aren’t enjoying themselves. People are wasting a seventh of their lives being mad about what the calendar says! For the average American, that’s like hating 11 years of your life just because of the day of the week. How ridiculous is that?

Recently, psychologists have noticed that people who have a positive outlook on Mondays begin enjoying their entire week more. Even if their jobs don’t improve and if their economic circumstances don’t change, they become happier in their lives. No surprise there! Most people spend their whole week looking forward to the weekend, but once it gets there they are dreading the next upcoming Monday! You are caught in a perpetually un-ending cycle of negativity and hatred, and it’s nearly impossible to be constantly happy when you live that way. Imagine being happy all week just by changing your outlook on Monday!

3 Tips to LOVE Monday

1. Turn negative thoughts around

There is really amazing power in simply choosing to think positively about things. Many studies have been done on the power of thoughts. If you find yourself thinking things like “I hate my job”, “My coworkers don’t like me”, or anything else negative, switch out the negative words. “I love my job”, and “My coworkers like me” may not actually be true, but if you tell yourself that it is true, your feelings will shift themselves to match those thoughts!

2. Find at least one thing you genuinely like

Even if you don’t love your job or if you don’t love going to school, there has to be at least one thing about it that you do like. It might be the people you get to be with or a project you are excited to be working on. It might just be the simple fact of being able to provide for yourself and your family. Whatever your reason, find at least one, and focus on it when you start feeling those Monday-blues. Finding purpose can make a huge difference in how you feel about your upcoming work/school week.

3. Stop listening to other complainers

Even if you start finding reasons to love Mondays and removing all of your negative thoughts, other people will probably keep being grumpy grouches. Misery loves company, and nothing makes a miserable person happier than making other people miserable too. If a co-worker, classmate, or family member is always complaining about Mondays (or anything for that matter), try encouraging them and showing them reasons to be happy. But, some people are just totally set on being unhappy, so if that doesn’t work, just try not listening to their complaints until they are in a better mood.

happy babyLoving Monday can change your life. It can turn dread into excitement and frustration into happiness. Stop wasting your time and energy on negative thoughts and feelings. You may not be able to choose what happens to you during your week, but you can always choose how you react to it. Mondays will never stop coming. There will always be another Monday around the corner. You can’t change that, so change your outlook. Choose to be happy. Choose to love your Monday.

5 thoughts on “Hating Mondays is Ruining Your Life

  1. Another way to overcome the Monday blues is to get old and retire. Then every day can be Monday, or Hump Day, or TGIF or Christmas or your birthday … all your days are equally wonderful.


  2. I love this post! And I also like Mondays, go figure!
    You make some great points here. Sure, you can’t change “Monday”, but you can change what it means by shifting your attention to the positive. :)


  3. Great article TJ. I used to start complaining about Monday about noon on Sunday. Then I left that job. Now Monday means that I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve others and, in turn, pay my bills.


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