FunDay Sunday #2 – Top 5 Easy Pranks

Welcome to the second installment of FunDay Sunday, my weekly post to help you laugh off the end of the weekend and start your Monday with a smile. Last week I shared some of the craziest baby names I’ve ever heard. This week… pranks!!!

April is just a few weeks away, which means that all across America, people will be preparing their best pranks for April Fool’s Day. The problem is that most good pranks are either too time-consuming or too expensive. Here I’ve gathered my top 5 favorite ideas for easy pranks that are very funny but don’t cost much and won’t ruin friendships/relationships.

1. Jolly Rancher Shower

jolly rancherFor this prank to work you need a detachable shower-head. Go to the store and buy a few Jolly Ranchers. Unscrew the shower head and stick the Jolly Rancher in it. If your shower head doesn’t have enough room for a whole Jolly Rancher you may need to crush it up into pieces first. Now just wait for other people to use the shower (and of course, don’t use it yourself!)

The hot water from a shower will melt the Jolly Rancher. The person showering might notice a slightly fruity smell, but the water will stay clear. The Jolly Rancher won’t color the water, but it will stick to the person’s skin, and as they are drying off, they won’t be able to get it off. They will be covered in a thin layer of melted Jolly Rancher and will be unbearably sticky!

2. Autocorrect Nightmare

Get ahold of one of your friend’s phones. Almost all smart phones have “autocorrect” or “shortcut” features, so when you type in something, it will autocorrect. Lots of people use this for things like turning “omw” into “On my way!”, etc.

Angry textingGo into your friend’s settings and create some new ones. On the iPhone its found under Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts. Change simple, frequently used words like “no” to a very long and non-sensical sentence like, “I just tripped over a ladybug and landed in ice cream.”

For an alternative phone prank, change your name in their contacts to “Mom” and have fun messing with them.

3. Everyone Wants a Quarter

quarterThis is an old one, but it still cracks me up. Super-glue a quarter to the ground in a public place. For some reason, people can’t help but trying to pick up quarters. Find a nearby spot with a good vantage point and enjoy the show! For bonus points, film it discretely and put it on YouTube! (and share the link to it in the comments here!)

4. It’s 6am Somewhere

After your friend/roommate/sibling/spouse has gone to sleep, very quietly reset the time on their phone or alarm clock. The more clocks you can re-set the better. It’s probably a good idea to set the clock so they wake up too early instead of too late. Waking up early and getting to work an hour early may be annoying, but getting to work an hour late could get them fired.

5 years ago I made this idea into a short film for a local student film contest, which I won, but I’ve always wanted to do it in real life!

5. Oreo Surprise

This one will only really work on people who love Oreos (like me. I’ve even written blog posts about them!) But, if you do know someone who has Oreos around the house, here’s an idea: take the frosting out of the Oreo and replace it with something else. This could be white toothpaste, cream-cheese, some tofu-products, oreo prankor almost anything white that you can get to make the right shape. If someone desecrated my Oreos in such a heinous manner I would be livid, so buy a new package, and ruin the old stuff. That way when they are mad, you can pull out a whole new package to calm them down.

Enjoy the pranking! If you have any other great ideas for easy and cheap pranks, leave your ideas in the comments! Maybe I’ll feature your idea next time!

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