FunDay Sunday #1 – Crazy Baby Names

Welcome to the first ever FunDay Sunday!!! This is my new weekly feature where I will share a fun/funny story or post to brighten the end of your weekend! Today’s topic: Crazy Names!

For anyone reading this who doesn’t know me in real life, trust me when I say that I have a very crazy name. For the sake of internet privacy, I’ll just tell you all that I can totally relate to Phillip Phillips. So I totally can relate to what a lot of the kids with these names will go through. Now, on to the good stuff.

utah baby nameI live in Utah. If you don’t already know, lots of young mothers in Utah and Idaho have this weird thing for making up names that totally don’t exist. These names come about in a number of crazy ways – like taking two real names and smoothing them together, or taking one real name and making the spelling absolutely unnecessarily unique, or just taking words that aren’t names and deciding that they should be. So, in no particular order, here is my collection of the weirdest names I know and how I imagine they were created. ALL these names were taken from real life. Seriously.

  • Tamber – I’m pretty sure this name is taken from Tammy and Amber. Or maybe it’s a mom who really loves tambourines.
  •  Kysa – Don’t ask me where this came from. It might have just been a bunch of boggle letters.
  • Deja – So, this probably came from deja vu. In french, déjà means “already”. I really hope her middle name isn’t Vu.
  • Derk – This is a boy’s name. I’m imagining that it was trying to be a trendy way of saying “Derek?” or maybe just a birth certificate miss-print.
  • Timsley – this one is a girls name (or so I’m told). It follows the popular trend of adding “-ley” to the end of other words or names. Like Brinley. Or Sierraley. Or… Ashley???
  • Jrake – this has to be an unfortunate combination of Jake and Drake. I really don’t know what to make of this one.
  • Jenedy – Jennifer and Kennedy? Who knows…
  • Rafter – really though. As in “hanging from the ____”. Or maybe a “white water ___”.
  • Lemonjello and Oranjello – This one really makes me hope that it’s fake, but I had to include it. Apparently their parents really liked Jell-O. And not only that, but the two worst flavors!!! Come on. At least name the kid Straberrjello.
  • Steel, Gatling, Chamber, and Ridge – These are all parts of a gun. They are also the names of four brothers. The fifth brother is Brave, which you would need to be to face life with these names.
  • La-a – Pronounced “Ladasha”. Yeah…

baby name

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of crazy names! So next time someone gives you crap for being named “Peggy” or “Richard” (you know why), just remember: it could be a lot worse.

12 thoughts on “FunDay Sunday #1 – Crazy Baby Names

  1. Haha…Indians too keep funny names..sometimes because it sounds good but they don’t care about the meaning. A girl in my school was called …Vaasna (meaning lust) …lol.


  2. TJ, Clever blog. I couldn’t think of one crazy name to add, but we know a bunch. When I get my head together I will respond. Wanted to tell you about a really interesting class I watched from It was a guy named D. Joshua Taylor, very sharp, on 30 pieces of Tech I can’t live without. I think you will find it interesting with your background. I love the FunDay Sunday idea! Thanks for making our Sunday a fun day last week. Love you,Grammy

    Date: Mon, 9 Mar 2015 01:53:09 +0000 To:


  3. Those are hilarious. I live in China where people take English names that are…unusual. Among the people I have met or my friends know, we have Creamy Lam, Cinderella, ABC, Airport, and my personal favorite, Sugarfree.

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