Why I Occasionally Shop in the Women’s Section

I got a lot of grief recently for buying a certain item from the women’s section. I’ll tell you what it was, but first I want to address the double standard people have: it’s ok for women to wear men’s sweatshirts, and considered “sexy” when girls are wearing men’s button-up shirts, so why can’t guys wear some stuff designed for women? Want to know what I bought that caused such an outrage?

A robe.robe full

That’s right, a robe.

It’s not like it’s got pink polkadots or is made of flowing silk or anything. It’s plain black. And it’s thick. And warm.

And fuzzy.

That’s the real reason I bought it. I went to the Men’s section of Walmart, wanting to buy a robe, and they only had a crappy one made out of some sort of stiff cotton. Then my roommate suggested trying the women’s section, and I found this amazingly plush, soft robe, for the exact same price as the crappy men’s robe!!!

I’ve heard a similar complaint (but in reverse) from girls about sweatshirts/pants. The ones designed for girls are thin, tight, and not very warm. The ones designed for boys are baggy, soft, and thick. So, girls by the boy’s sweatshirts, and no one raises an eyebrow.

I wanted a robe because sometimes I’m too lazy to put on real clothes when guests come over. Also, I now keep very warm when I’m walking to and from the hot-tub in my apartment complex late at night :)

What’s the moral of the story? I don’t know. Heck, why does everything today have to have a moral anyway? Can’t a guy just enjoy a comfortable piece of clothing without it being layered in hidden meaning?

So now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to put on my (very soft and comfortable) robe, sit on my couch, eat my Mint Oreos, and watch way too many episodes of Friends. And all is right in the world.


(Written in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Easy Fix.”)

14 thoughts on “Why I Occasionally Shop in the Women’s Section

  1. I’m not sure anyone would really even think twice that you were wearing a “women’s” robe in my opinion. Now if you were wearing something that was truly “women like” such as a girls t-shirt then yes I would say you’re being a lot more daring. Anyway just thought I’d write something.

    -someone you know


  2. Haha..
    Humourous but so true!!
    I like your confidence TJ :) Kudos! you found something comfortable in women section, otherwise we generally have body hugging disturbing outfits!
    PS: I just can’t go off to sleep without wearing my bro’s roomy,saggy and super comfy T-shirts.. :p


  3. The robe looks great! I totally understand. My adult son wanted warm batman pajama pants.

    I found them in the women’s and not the men’s. He loves them… :-)


  4. I hate the Pink and blue …. my son has a splash of dark pink on his t-shirt made just for boys. And his classmates was teasing him that it’s a girl’s T-shirt.
    Who cares men’s or women’s product. As far as it’s comfortable for you.


  5. It seems to me that most robes could be considered unisex. Of course, not the pink polk a dot ones, but the warm fuzzy terry cloth kind for sure. At one point my family of 4 all had the same robes — just in different sizes — to use to go back and forth to the hot tub. I say more power to you!


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