The Ultimate Oreo Dunking Technique

Ok guys, here is a not-so-secret technique that has forever changed the way I consume my favorite food: Oreos.

Mint Oreos, to be exact.

Obviously there is nothing that compares to the deliciousness of when a Mint Oreo has been dunked in milk and reaches the perfect blend of soft yet crunchy. But there are two problems: either the Oreo doesn’t get entirely dunked because you don’t want your fingers to get milky, or your fingers get milky and that’s just gross. oreo fork

The secret lies in the power of the all-mighty fourchette (commonly known as a fork).

Simply stab the fourchette into the Oreo’s cream filling, and dunk away! It’s a truly magical thing when you take that first bite into a perfectly dunked Oreo.

So next time you go through a break-up, have a movie night, or simply want to be happy, grab yourself some Oreos, milk, and a fork. Life is good.

11 thoughts on “The Ultimate Oreo Dunking Technique

  1. You won’t belive it but I really really don’t like Oreo. First time I saw them on our table I thought they are these washing powder thingys for dishwashers – not sure what they are called in english.
    But thumbs up for using the great fourchette! :)


  2. Have you tried sucking coffee through a TimTam? You’ll never go back to milk and Oreos! By the way, I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. The details are on my latest post at
    I know awards aren’t everyone’s cup of tea/coffee/milk and I won’t be offended if you decline. But I hope you will accept it in the spirit it is given, – I think your blog is awesome! Sandy :)

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  3. Hey TJ,
    Loving the short post! I think it works for your blog and shows another side to yourself. I tend to write long posts too but sometimes the short ones are the most powerful! It’s like a little post it to your readers when they are expecting an essay. And I think that changeup is appreciated. Love the content too haha I’ll eat oreos that way from now on ;)


  4. OMG mint oreos! We don’t have this flavor in Southeast Asia :( Do you know in which parts of the world they have mint oreos? (Australia???) Thanks for sharing your dunking technique. :)

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