What Comes Next?

“Jas Rosewall awoke early on the morning of his thirteenth birthday.”

You don’t know it yet, but that is the opening line of your next favorite book. Mine! :) haha, just kidding.

A few months ago I finished my young adult novel, Before the Hook. The boy mentioned, Jas Rosewall, eventually becomes the infamous pirate, Captain Hook. My book tells of his life, from his childhood up to the fateful day when his hand is fed to a crocodile. In it, I also expound on the origins of Peter, the lost boys, the pirates, and the indians of Neverland. It was truly a joy to write, and now I am working on finding representation to have it published. But honestly, if I don’t get a publishing deal, I’ll just publish it myself. You all would buy a copy, right? Haha

So now here’s the fun part: I’ve got tons and tons of ideas for my next story/project, and I want YOU to help me decide which one I should start next. Take the poll to tell me which story sounds the most enticing!

Thanks for your help! Feel free to leave comments below and don’t forget to follow!


With the response I’ve gotten from the poll (thank you to those who participated), I’ve decided to move forward with my comedy screen play as my official project, and work on my non-fiction as a series of blog posts! Please check out my first post about my time in Africa here! Oh, and don’t let this update stop you from voting. I will have future projects and still would love to know your opinion!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Call Me Ishmael.”

13 thoughts on “What Comes Next?

  1. I love reading horror, I find that horror films these days try to show you too much without doing it well. In books, you can just direct our imagination – then we can meld what’s happening in the book with our own fears. Anyway, I’m late, so luckily comedy was my next choice 😄
    Isn’t it interesting how nobody voted for CIA?? Overdone maybe?
    Great ideas!!


  2. I loved the non-fiction idea the most. It is real and there is less competition so getting a deal is much easier. Sorry, my project manager side talks. Comedy is for TV and there are lots of them. If you want to write a sitcom the producer never let you do it without a team etc etc.

    I got my hands in production and film making back in the days. Scriptwriters are the least appreciated group in the industry. Sad but true.

    However, if you write a journey with some action + fiction on it and maybe some murder story, you will increase your chances to get a book + movie deal :)

    Also I recommend you to watch “Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister” which tells the other side of the story as you do with Hook.

    You can try amazon’s self-publishing option for free and get 70% of the profit. Better than any book deal.

    Please write your publishing journey too. I will be glad to support and count me among your first readers :)


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  3. I went for horror – I think there’s plenty of scope for real world parallels between possession and extremism … My second choice would have been the Mall comedy. I think it offers lots of opportunity for multiple storylines. The West African idea is a good one too – they’re ALL good ideas, write them all!


  4. I couldnt see the poll, it said it was private.
    I wrote something, ages ago, and started looking at getting it published. I googled something like “how to get a book published” and found a website where you can sign up to and find puplishers, you can send a summary of your book with a snipet and see if they show interest. There were so many publishers on there with lots of categories available :)


  5. Hi TJ.
    I loved the sound of all of them expect the CIA one to be honest. It’s a common premise so I think you can do better. I wanted to say I love the idea of the first novel you’ve written and can’t wait to see it on my local bookstore here in Aus. :)

    I voted Comedy. I’m a sucker for the life of real people. I think my retail days were some of my best. If you need situations let me know!

    However, I wanted to say I love the idea of your non-fiction. Who says you can’t work on both? :)

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      1. Haah! Hospitality is another one! Man… some of my days I would go home and sit down and think “did that really happen?”.


  6. Good luck on your next venture. I enjoyed the fact that you embedded a poll and had wondered what a poll would be used for on a blog. Self-publishing is fairly painless once you read through all the ‘boring details’.


  7. Hi Like the idea of the virus..but that’s where my literary ramblings take me ..that or other worlds no ” Mills & Boon ” from this author( and I can now say that) yehhh…..Love stories I don’t do…ha ha..good luck we all need an element of that…Mine came from joining a writers group and the help and encouragement to find my voice has been amazing. This would never have happened in a million years but for that group . So worth trying..good luck.


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