Dear Literary Agent who loves my work,

Dear Literary Agent,

I’m so thrilled that you stumbled upon my blog. I’m even more thrilled that you love my writing and are offering to represent me! It’s really just too good to be true! Pretty soon you’ll have a publishing deal for me, and I’ll be able to live my dream of writing for a living! Nothing could be better than being able to share my thoughts and tell my stories to the world, and being paid for it is more than i could hope for!



Ok, so maybe my dream of being randomly discovered by a literary agent is a bit unrealistic, but a guy can dream, right? Actually I’ve been working really hard lately on getting my most recent novel published. But this blog has been, and will continue to be, an amazing way for me to start my dream of sharing my writing with the world. If the “paid” part comes later, I will be thrilled beyond belief. But for now, I’ll content myself with writing for free for you, my amazing, wonderful readers. I hope that at the very least I’ll be able to entertain you for a short while, and hopefully be able to share something that impacts you long after you’ve closed your browser.

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