Blogging 101

Let’s start with an introduction, shall we? My name is TJ. I’m 23 years old. I was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV, and I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (commonly referred to as Mormon). Currently, I’m studying computer science at BYU. Only here’s the problem: I enjoy too many things to want to tie myself down to just one. Sure, computer programing has been fun, but it’s also been very stressful and I’ve questioned my commitment to it as a career path. So I figured this mid-college crisis would be a perfect time to start my blog.

My other interests are incredibly eclectic. That’s a fun word.

For example, I recently finished writing my second novel! It’s a YA fiction, and I’m currently seeking representation. (if anyone knows a lit. agent, let me know!) I’m also getting into comedic writing, both for sketch and screen-play. I love music and singing, and I’m pretty well known among my friends for being able to quote almost any line from almost any movie at any time. And I frequently do! A while back I discovered this emergency training stuff and learned how to pick locks and stuff for zombie-apocalypse mode. I also was watching lots of home-renovation shows a few months back and decided that would be way fun. I love traveling (I’ve been to Australia and Europe, and lived in Africa for 2 years as a missionary) and my bucket list includes visiting all 7 continents (I’m up to 4 so far). I also find baking really fun, but not cooking. I recently learned there is a difference. My mom tells me I have a good eye for interior design, and she frequently consults me on her remodeling projects. I also got into Dressing Your Truth about a year ago, and find energy profiling very interesting and useful. AND I’m a visual arts minor, and I really like graphic design (I created the header image for this blog). And I speak French fluently.

Basically, I just love to create and learn new things! I have some friends in the blogging world, and I was talking to one of them about my new blog, and what it could be about. Because most blogs are “about” something. Like cooking. Or fashion. Or movie reviews. Or craftsy DIY stuff. But I dont’ really have any one thing that I’m great at. I love doing TONS of different things! So that’s what this blog is about. Tons of different things. Whatever I’m working on or thinking about that day or week or month. It could really be anything.

My hope for this blog is that it will help me explore and share all the new things that I learn or try. Plus, it can give me a place to simply share my everyday thoughts or experiences, whether or not anyone actually reads them. Actually, I’m pretty sure my mom will. So there’s one person reading this at least :)

That’s where I’ll leave you for now. I don’t have all the answers to life, but I do think I’ve got a pretty good handle on living. And I think that’s enough.


23 thoughts on “Blogging 101

  1. Sounds exciting!

    I have such an eclectic taste in everything too, I’m always striving to learn more and better myself, there’s so much to explore in life! I’ll look forward to seeing your varied posts pop up in my reader!


  2. Hello TJ,
    I am very impressed with your blog and am sure many people [including me] will be waiting every new post to learn something new. Tell your mom she is not alone reading your blog :)
    Since many people don´t have the opportunities you have, your blog is a window in the world where everyone can see through your eyes. Thanks for sharing with us what you see and learn (this is the key task for building your personal knowledge management system considering all things that interest you).


  3. Hey,

    I’m convinced that the more you blog, the more you’ll figure yourself out. Great initiative. The feedback from others will be very helpfull.


  4. TJ: Your blog theme looks excellent with the header image you created and the photos/designs that you made for your published posts. With them the main page looks very attractive. About your writing, I think is great that you write about interesting facts, making them amusing as well. I really enjoyed your posts, I learned and they also made me laugh.


  5. Hey! I’ve only read this post so far but I love the layout of your blog and your writing is quite engaging. :) I love how you decided to turn your lack of theme into a theme – really creative and I admire it! While I’m sure there’s areas to improve I can’t think of any and if this blog is primarily for yourself then it doesn’t matter a huge amount anyway. I’d be interested to see where you take this, and good luck finding a career path. :) My mum has led a satisfying life constantly changing career paths.


  6. Hi TJ…I love your introduction. You’ll have no trouble filling pages on a blog with your many and diverse interests. I’m more of a journal writer, keeping my thoughts short and concise.
    Looking forward to following your blogging adventures.


  7. Hi TJ…I love your introduction. You’ll have no trouble filling pages on a blog with your many and diverse interests. I’m more of a journal writer, keeping my thoughts short and concise.

    Looking forwRd to following your blogging adventures.


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